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Controlled group and affiliated service group aggregation rules require certain related businesses to consider all of the employees across the businesses together in relation to some benefit plan administration. Controlled group rules can impact an employer’s headcount dramatically, but not all federal reporting requirements and regulations take aggregation into account. This webinar will help employers understand when to undergo controlled group or affiliated service group analysis, and when the aggregated headcounts are used.

This webinar will:

  • Explain what controlled groups and affiliated service groups are, including the differences between parent-child groups, brother-sister groups,  A-orgs, and B-orgs
  • The impact of family, trusts, and estate relationships on controlled groups
  • Discuss the impact an aggregated headcount has on employer shared responsibility and related reporting under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • Explain how aggregated headcounts impact COBRA and FMLA obligations
  • Discuss the impact a controlled group headcount has for 401(k) purposes
  • Discuss the impact of being a controlled or affiliated service group on non-discrimination testing for cafeteria plans
  • Provide best practices on undergoing analysis to determine if an employer is a controlled group, and documenting the results of the analysis
  • Explain instances where aggregated headcounts are ignored, such as for W-2 reporting of the cost of health care coverage

This 90-minute beginner to intermediate level webinar will help employers understand the rules regarding aggregated groups, and how it can impact benefit plans.

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