HR Technologies can improve employee satisfaction and save money

Online Enrollment – employees love it

Employees love online enrollment.  Employees, or family members at home, can complete all selections at open enrollment in under 15 minutes.   An avatar can guide participants through their choices in over 20 languages, helping employees make better decisions and resulting in higher satisfaction.

Benefits administrators love Online Enrollment, too

Online enrollment cuts the time required for benefits administration in half.   Eliminate wasted time chasing missing information, unreadable entries and countless other time stealers.  Benefits administrators can monitor online enrollment continuously and easily determine which employees are having trouble and need assistance.   To save even more time. we can upload benefit elections into most payroll systems, eliminating duplicate data entry, increase timeliness and eliminate errors.

Combined administrative savings of 50% is normal.

California Corporate Benefits helps employers provide the most competitive benefits at the lowest possible cost.  This can make everyone including employees, HR and Finance really happy.