Communications — making happy employees

Employers consistently state that the main reasons they invest in employee benefits are to recruit and retain top talent.  Yet many employers could earn a higher return on that investment.

Studies show that how well your benefits communications educate drive employee satisfaction far more than any superior aspect of your benefits.


Following these four suggestions will help to optimize employee retention from your investment in employee benefits:

1) Ensure that benefits, including voluntary benefits, meet the diverse needs of employees and address the specific concerns of employees in various life stages.

2) Provide communications that a) effectively educate employees about the value of their benefits, b) help employees make the best choices and c) teach employees how to utilize their benefits to maximum advantage.

3) Demonstrate the company’s commitment to employees’ financial security by communicating total compensation, including benefits, so that the value of the benefits they receive is fully appreciated.

4) Provide professional guidance so employees’ confidence in their financial security is maximized.

Happy employees make happy customers.  Realize a maximum return on your employee benefits investment by implementing Benefits Value BuilderSM, a unique service from California Corporate Benefits.  Benefits Value Builder provides a suite of professional communications customized to your business.