Benchmarking – making sure your benefits are right

Making benefits decisions without competitive intelligence can result in excessive costs and benefits that are ineffective as a recruiting and retention strategy.  When you know with confidence what your competitors are offering you can make better decisions.

California Corporate Benefits, and UBA Partner Firms, conduct the most comprehensive annual health plan benchmarking study in the United States.  With more than 11,000 employers and 17,000 plans represented, this survey is nearly three times larger than the next three largest studies combined.  The size and accuracy (responses are 100% validated) of the survey means it is the most reliable data available anywhere.  With this competitive information, you can confidently know what other employers are offering in your region, industry or employer size.

Benchmarking can let you know where your benefits excel and where they are weak.  You can then promote your strengths and address any weaknesses. Your online enrollment avatar can talk about them, too.

With benchmarking, you can make deliberate strategic decisions to garner the greatest benefit from your employee benefits investment.