What We Do:

California Corporate Benefits helps employers make their employees the happiest employees at the lowest possible cost. 

Our experienced employee benefits professionals provide your employees with freedom from financial fear.  Employees who feel financially protected from life’s major risks are more satisfied with their jobs and are able to focus better on their work. 

We possess unique capabilities and experience that many firms lack.  A few of our many services are described below.  Call us for more information or inquire via the “Contact” tab.  

  • Health Reform  – Get advice, education, training and assistance for your employees.  All members of your service team have earned the Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist (CHRS) certification.
  • Benefits Communications – Earn the highest return on your investment in employee benefits.
  • Benefits Technologies – Improve your employees’ experience while lowering administrative costs up to 50%.
  • Compliance – Manage compliance risk and lower the cost of compliance.
  • Benchmarking – Make your employee benefits a more effective recruiting and retention tool, while potentially lowering costs.
  • Retirement – Prepare your workers for a bright financial future.
  • Wellness – Help your employees and their families live a long life in good health.
  • Manage Costs – Make sure your employee benefits remain affordable for you and your employees under Health Reform.