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“To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter to indicate how truly pleased we are by the services, consultation, and guidance of California Corporate Benefits Insurance Services (CCB).  We switched from our current broker – who was good and one of the top brokers in San Diego – to CCB for our health and ancillary benefits coverage in early Spring of 2010.  It has been a move that has turned out to be even better than we initially hoped or understood.

As a result of this move and CCB’s expertise and ability to move us to other carriers and within a non-profit medical trust, not only were we able to keep our benefits levels the same as in the previous year, we were also able to provide employees and the company a very significant cost savings.  This is extremely rare in these years of double digit annual cost increases.  We have also been able to provide more choices and flexibility to our employees for medical and dental coverage.

We further estimate we have saved over 20% in our annual premiums by making the move over what we would be paying had we not.  This has allowed us to offer an additional, valuable employee benefit this year to our employees at a time when elsewhere, employees are hearing of drastic cost increases, reduced benefits coverage, and benefit plan eliminations.

Additionally, the responsiveness from CCB to our needs and deadlines has been tremendous.  Stephen Hutson has moved mountains to make sure our open enrollments go smoothly, with excellent communication materials and presentations.  He walks us through all aspects of the enrollment procedure, is exceptionally responsive to questions and issues, and leaves no detail undone.  CCB also has an on-line enrollment tool that is exceptionally easy for our employees to use, which allows convenient 24/7 access from anywhere.  The first time we rolled it out, the vast majority of our employees used it to enroll.  This greatly enhanced the accuracy of enrollment data and the timeliness of our enrollment data reaching our carriers.

We have been extremely impressed with CCB’s services.

With regards,

Jim Harden, PHR
Director of Human Resources

About Community Research Foundation

Community Research Foundation (CRF) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. The organization has two primary purposes:

  • To design and operate programs focused on the treatment, education, and rehabilitation of individuals with mental health problems who may also have co-occurring substance use problems in a way that is culturally sensitive, and will promote recovery and decrease the stigma of mental illness and co-occurring substance use problems.
  • To conduct scientific research which is designed to assess the quality and appropriateness of services, and continue to discover and implement innovative ways of working toward the ultimate goal of recovery from mental illness and co-occurring substance use problems.
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